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When you buy a home from us, you get covered by a full Atlantic Home Warranty. So you get the peace-of-mind of knowing you made the right decision. Financial institutions and lenders trust this warranty, so financing your new home is even easier. 

Important notes on our Warranty

• Year one of your Kent Home is covered by Kent Homes directly for material and workmanship.

• Years two to ten of your Kent Home are covered by the Atlantic New Home Warranty Program.


•All Manufacturers warranties on electronics are extended directly to you the Homeowner.

What does this mean for you and what can you expect?

  • If you purchase a Kent Home from us, you get their warranty too. Year one is covered by Kent Homes for material and workmanship on everything they have done to the home. After the first year the structure is covered by the Atlantic Home Warranty Program.

  • We extend all manufacturer warranties on electronics to you, they will repair and replace for you directly and all the company information will be supplied to you for convenience.

  • You can expect a comprehensive New Home Evaluation with us prior to occupancy. This involves a home inspection walkthrough with us where we can look at the entire home together.

  • At one year we will send out a warranty letter asking for a list of deficiencies for your home. After we receive your list of deficiencies we will be sure to do a follow up to go over each one.

                Your home is our business and your peace of mind is our priority.

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